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HomeIndustry InformationInterpretation of N20 miniature DC geared motor parameters

Interpretation of N20 miniature DC geared motor parameters

The N20 miniature Dc motor can adjust the speed reduction through the reducer device, which can achieve several or tens of revolutions per minute, increasing the torque of the DC motor. The reducer (gearbox) is composed of gears and worms. By using the small gears to drive the large gears to reduce speed, the slower the speed of the micromotor, the more gears the gearbox will have, and the higher the same torque. At present, the output speed of the miniature DC geared motor is 5 ~ 2000rpm, the reduction ratio of 5 ~ 1500, and the output torque is about ~

Parameter analysis of N20 miniature DC geared motor

1. Reduction ratio: The reduction ratio is a type of transmission ratio (the transmission ratio of the reducer). The ratio of the instantaneous input speed to the output speed of the reducer is represented by the symbol "i", such as i = 80: 1;

2. Gearbox stages: Sometimes a set of gear reduction gears cannot meet the larger reduction ratio, then one or more gear reduction gears need to be added to meet the larger reduction ratio requirements. The increased number of gear sets is gear Box level

3. Working temperature: Under normal conditions, the working temperature of the miniature DC geared motor is between -30 ℃ ~ 100 ℃;

4. Output torque: The output load capacity of the micromotor reduction gearbox and the torque generated by the meshing transmission of the gear set can be calculated by the formula (as mentioned in the previous article on the reduction ratio), the reducer torque = 9550 × motor power ÷ micro Motor input speed × reduction ratio × use efficiency.

The N20 miniature DC geared motor gearbox transmission has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high transmission efficiency, large transmission ratio, high progress, and stable work.It is widely used in smart homes, electronic door locks, robots, printers, medical equipment, personal care, Beauty equipment and Other Products.

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