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About the choice of electric shutter motor

The previous blinds were manual, and you need to pull back and forth to control its switch every time you use it. A little bit of force may damage the blinds. Since the emergence of electric blinds, these troubles have been solved, and the most important thing in electric blinds is electric The shutters are motorized.

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The driving system of electric blinds is composed of electric blinds motor, rope reel and a mechanical stopper. The electric blinds motor must drive the movement of the whole window blinds, it needs to provide a suitable power to the blinds. If the power is too large, it may be The blinds and the entire system cause damage and shorten the service life of electric blinds; if the power of the electric blinds motor is too small, it will not be able to drive the motion of the blinds, which cannot achieve the intended purpose, so the choice of the electric blinds motor is extremely important.

At present, the shutters used in homes or hotels on the market are mainly DC electric shutter motors. The DC electric shutter motors have the characteristics of small size, low vibration, low noise, and low power consumption.

Shenzhen Zhengde Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development and production of modern smart door and window drive motors. The main products are electric blinds motors, electric window openers and electric sunshade motors. At the same time, Zhengde Intelligent Control provides customized development services, such as output power, output speed, voltage, diameter specifications, gearbox transmission type, reduction ratio, output torque and other technical parameters are customized development, Zhengde Intelligent Control provides one-stop customized development solutions service.

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