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Analyze the reasons for the failure of the fan motor coil

When the motor is in abnormal working conditions (including electrical, mechanical and environmental aspects, etc.), the life of the motor coil will be seriously reduced. The reasons for the failure of the fan coil are: rotor lock, voltage imbalance, short circuit, coil grounding, phase loss, overload, and surge. The following are pictures of various coil failures, which can help you correctly identify the cause of the failure (take a 4-pole motor as an example).

1. Lack of phase
A phase loss is an open circuit of one phase of the power supply. The main reason is that the fuse of one phase is blown, the contactor is open, or the power cord of one phase is broken.

2. The rotor is locked
This situation will cause the motor to generate a lot of heat, which may be caused by frequent starting or frequent reversal of the motor.

3. The coil is grounded

4. Overload
Overloading of the motor will cause the motor to overload.
Note: Undervoltage and overvoltage will cause insulation damage and cause overload.

5. Power surge
Power surges may be caused by electrical equipment such as power grids, lightning, and capacitors.

6. Uneven three-phase voltage
Uneven voltage can cause insulation damage. The reason may be that the power supply is unstable and the wiring is not connected properly.
Note: An unbalanced voltage of one percent will result in an unbalance of six to ten percent of the current.

7, short circuit
Caused by contamination, wear, vibration, etc.

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