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Concentrate and build a great cause together-Build Zhengde's core cohesion

1. "Common Vision" connects employees together

Any enterprise has its reasons for existence, as well as its goals and ideals. It is these goals and ideals that connect the employees of the enterprise. These goals and ideals are the "common vision."

In "The Fifth Practice: Practice", Peter Senge explained the connotation of the practice of establishing a common vision: "Although this practice is called establishing a common vision, this statement is purely for convenience. That's it. In fact, the vision is only one of the elements that guides the deep heat wave of the organization. The core of these guiding principles is a sense of purpose and destiny."

Peter Senge summarized the following elements contained in "Building a Shared Vision":

Vision: the image of the future we want;
Values: how do we reach our destination;
Purpose and mission: why the organization exists;
Goals: The milestones we expect to reach in the short term.

Once a common vision is truly established, it will be attractive enough to bring all the efforts of people together to form a strong cohesion. It has a clear finish line, so the company knows whether its goals have been achieved, and people like to sprint toward the finish line.

2. Make employees more ownership

Only when we regard employees as members of the company can employees truly become members of the company. Therefore, the participation of employees has become a basic requirement for the formation of corporate cohesion. Therefore, we should discuss the development goals of the company with employees, discuss the management system together, implement business strategies together, find solutions to problems encountered by the company, and share the company's achievements together.

It is the participation of Ford's employees that makes the company's various systems, plans and methods enrich and coordinate with each other. Wal-Mart allows the lowest-level employees to see all financial reports. This detail signals, "You are a company partner, and we want you to run your department as if you were a small business."

Almost all successful companies do this. In these excellent companies, employees must have a strong sense of "ownership", take the initiative to solve problems, and create performance independently.

3. Let the "slogan" truly become a guide for action

An enterprise motivates its employees with its business philosophy. The business philosophy is derived from the common vision of the company. Therefore, it should answer at least three key questions: What to pursue? Why pursue? How to track it? The answer to these three questions is the basic content of the "Vision Statement". Only when the enterprise has formed a common idea, it is possible for the members of the enterprise to "weave" the common vision of the enterprise.

In reality, we have seen that many companies have set ambitious goals, such as "enter the world's top 500" and "become a world-class medical center". It should be said that such slogans are more appealing, but corporate members are required Heartfelt dedication is another problem, because if this slogan is not conceived by employees, it cannot be a guide for action.

We can understand the five factors that influence the victory or defeat of war as summarized in The Art of War as factors that influence the outcome of competition. These five factors are the "five things": Tao, heaven, earth, general, and law. Among them, "The Taoist agrees with the people and the Shang, so you can die with and live with it, without fear of danger."

In the sense of "Tao", the employees of an enterprise can have a unified will based on this, and work together for it to overcome adversity.

4. Understanding the power of "self-transcendence"

Although "self-transcendence" is based on honing personal talents, it has extraordinary abilities. The meaning of self-transcendence is to create, not to reflect opinions, so it is combined with goal identification.

People with a high degree of self-transcendence have common basic characteristics, and their views on goals and visions are different from those of ordinary people. For them, the goal is a mission that calls and drives people forward, not just a beautiful idea.

"Self-transcendence" allows people to recognize the current situation, know the distance between ideal and reality, and be able to regard the current reality as an ally rather than an enemy. They learn how to recognize and use the forces that influence change, rather than resist them.

"Self-transcendence" can inspire individual employees to pursue the lofty meaning of life, and enterprises should take this as one of their goals of existence. In turn, this has a great effect on improving the cohesion of the enterprise.

When we decided on the new mid-term strategic plan, we involved the management team in the process of making the plan, especially inviting young colleagues from the company to participate. This process helped us clarify the company's vision, mission, values and code of conduct. Especially when we inherited the vision of "becoming a global mechatronics solution company and building tens of billions of positive virtues", we also included the growth of our employees, so we all determined the new "to be a global mechatronics solution expert". Vision. Under this new common vision, everyone worked together to enable the company to create its own brand-new growth without the external environment growing.

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