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How to deal with the noise of brushless DC motor

When there is a problem with the motor, we should check and solve the fault in time. The premise is that we have a certain understanding of the possible problems of the motor. Today, I will mainly introduce you to the noise treatment methods of the Brushless DC Motor. Please read it carefully.

1. Vibration reduction and blocking measures When the reducer is installed, try to avoid resonance between the body, the foundation support and the connecting parts, resulting in noise. The energy-saving DC brushless Reduction motor often has one or several inside the reduction motor The gear resonates in certain speed ranges. Except for design reasons, it is directly related to the location of the resonance that has not been tested during installation and the corresponding damping or blocking measures are taken. Some require low transmission noise and vibration reduction The machine should use high toughness, high damping base materials to reduce noise and vibration.

2. Damage to the transmission parts. During installation, improper operation damages the transmission parts, resulting in inaccurate or unstable movement of the system; damage to high-speed moving parts causes oil film vibration; artificial imbalance of moving parts; vibration and noise are caused. The reason must be noted and avoided as much as possible during the installation process. Damaged parts that cannot be repaired must be replaced to ensure that the system obtains a stable noise level.

3. The parts of the DC brushless geared motor are loose due to the loosening of individual parts (such as bearing pre-tensioning mechanism, shafting positioning mechanism, etc.) during installation, resulting in inaccurate positioning of the system, abnormal position engagement, and shafting Movement will cause vibration and noise. This series needs to start from the design structure, try to ensure the stability of the connection of each mechanism, and adopt a variety of connection methods.
Among them, the geometric accuracy adjustment of the parts and components did not meet the requirements of the standard when the geometric accuracy was installed, which caused the Brushless dc motor parts to resonate and generate noise. This should improve the installation process, increase tooling, and ensure the overall quality of the assembly personnel Direct relationship.

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