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How to scientifically and reasonably control the cost of the motor industry


With the increasingly fierce market competition, the economy is becoming more and more shrinking. If a company wants to gain a certain economic position in the market, it must strengthen the innovation of its economic strength. Therefore, the internal cost of the company must first be compressed to achieve cost savings. Can be beneficial to the secondary creation of enterprises. Therefore, many manufacturing companies have begun to strengthen their research on cost control based on their own circumstances.

In today's cost control in the motor industry, there are still many problems. Only when relevant managers analyze the existing problems and take targeted measures can they effectively control costs. The following is an analysis of the problems in cost control and related cost control measures in today's motor industry:

1. Problems in cost control in the motor industry

1. Cost control methods are relatively backward

In the industry's cost control, cost control methods have many problems. Especially for the application of some new materials and new processes, management personnel also use traditional cost control methods. Traditional cost control only pays attention to the cost control of the product production stage, but in fact the object of cost control should include the entire process of product production, that is, the control of costs incurred in the entire process of product design, procurement, production, and marketing services. The method is relatively simple and cannot meet the needs of the motor industry. Without starting from the actual situation, the sense of independent innovation is weak, and excellent talents are extremely lacking. In addition, the cost management model of processing and creation enterprises is single, lacks innovation, relies on foreign technology, has not formed independently developed technology, and cannot fully play the role of cost management.

2. Production management personnel lack knowledge of cost management

In the actual cost control of the motor industry, cost management is not a matter of one person or a department, but a whole process management involving all employees. Management and benefits are created by all employees. Therefore, in the actual industry, managers lack the awareness of cost competition, pay little attention to it, and don`t invest enough energy, and lack the basic understanding of market cost management, which in turn leads to excessive expenditure and excessive waste, causing serious economic losses to the enterprise. Conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise.

3. Indirect costs are too high and poor control

In the electrical machinery industry, there are still the problems of excessive overhead costs and ineffective control. Today's customer-centric business philosophy has gradually been accepted by people. Marketing services have played an increasingly important role in enterprises. The total cost of enterprises An important part of the service cost is the cost of service, which includes the expenditures of corporate personnel and property, but companies often ignore service cost control. Cause poor cost control in the motor industry.

4. Poor material management and serious material waste

In the motor industry, the biggest cost is raw materials. The warehouses of many companies have not standardized management, resulting in a backlog of idle, and often out of stock. Not classified management and control according to the importance of inventory resources. In terms of procurement, the concept of procurement cost is relatively backward. Many companies focus on lowering purchase prices and ignore the quality of purchased materials. There is no strategic partnership with suppliers. Procurement efficiency is low and procurement risks increase. Secondly, in the use of materials, due to poor management, the materials are not fully used, resulting in a lot of waste of materials and affecting reasonable cost control.

2. Method analysis of project cost control in the motor industry

1. Establish a cost management system

First, establish funding approval authority. In order to better save costs and expenses, companies must conduct unified management and centralized review of funds, and adopt fixed management of internal capital expenses and special approvals. Reduce the financial risks of enterprises. Ensure that every capital is spent on the cutting edge, and form a benign economic system in the use of costs. Second, keep the financial system reasonable. A reasonable budget for costs and expenses is the key to ensuring that enterprise funds can be used correctly. For the financial department of an enterprise, it is important to maintain a reasonable structure of costs and expenses, increase control efforts, and supervise the economic system. Once again, reducing business costs and quality is the priority. The equipment of the enterprise must give full play to its effectiveness, improve product quality, reduce waste loss, and maintain high quality. Improve product quality, minimize the loss of waste products in the enterprise, increase the market qualification rate of products, establish market demand-oriented, improve the quality inspection system, and produce high-quality products.

2. Take economic measures to control project costs

Managers can also take economic measures to control the cost of the project. Specifically, the following measures can be taken to control the cost.

First, the cost of materials. Material costs are a very large cost in the motor industry. Therefore, in actual project cost control, effective management and control of material costs are required. First of all, in terms of procurement, the purchase price and quality should be verified. Secondly, in the use of materials, materials must be managed to avoid material waste. Regularly check the consumption of raw materials and control the consumption of materials in time.

Second, labor costs. Reduce the unnecessary actions of the operator, eliminate excessive processing, simplify the production process, and improve labor productivity.

Third, machinery costs. Improve the efficiency of the use of machinery. For large-scale equipment, it is less used, and can be leased to improve the efficiency of capital use and save economic costs. In addition, the operation level of the users of machinery and equipment should be improved to reduce the incidence of mechanical failures, thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

3. Improve management staff's cost control awareness

First of all, it is necessary to improve the cost control awareness of management personnel. Only by comprehensively improving the cost control awareness can cost control work well. To achieve effective cost management, each department must play its own responsibilities. Before the company's products enter the market, they must first conduct a reasonable measurement of the products, so that the company can achieve the goal of low cost and high profit. To manage the labor costs caused by its procurement process and sales, it is necessary to shop around and compare prices as much as possible in the collection of raw materials, and carefully study the market proportions of raw materials to choose the best; It is necessary to establish a quota requisition system to control material consumption through quota vouchers. Some leftover materials should be used as much as possible to reduce material costs; sales expenses should be controlled in the sales of products, and if inventory surpluses and surpluses occur later In the case of arrears of goods and other conditions that affect enterprise expenses, it is necessary to reduce unnecessary enterprise capital occupation and other expenses, and truly control management expenses to a reasonable level.

Three, conclusion

In summary, with the continuous development of globalization, this method has a profound and long-lasting impact on the overall level of the enterprise if it is to achieve cost savings for the enterprise. Controlling the cost of an enterprise requires the participation of all employees within the enterprise, not just the responsibility of the financial department or a certain department. The enterprise must take specific and accurate measures to improve enterprise efficiency and allow enterprise cost control management to have a broader application prospect.

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