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HomeNewsMAINTEX 24BYJ48 smart car wireless charging infrared induction mobile phone holder motor

MAINTEX 24BYJ48 smart car wireless charging infrared induction mobile phone holder motor

Stepper Motor products are widely used in smart home appliances, sanitary ware, security equipment, office equipment, stage lighting, textile machinery, robots, packaging machinery and other automation control fields that require precise positioning, automatic aiming and automatic recording.

Now that we have entered the era of intelligence, mobile phones have become an indispensable thing for people, ranging from old to small, with almost one hand. This has also contributed to its more and more powerful functions. At present, high-end smart phones basically have wireless charging functions, and cars are becoming more and more popular, especially private cars. When smart phones have the opportunity to use private cars , Only the car wireless charging stand is more equipped. At present, there are two main types of wireless charging brackets on the market, one is a gravity bracket, and the other is an infrared touch sensor automatic telescopic bracket. In contrast, the infrared touch-sensing automatic telescopic stand is more high-end and firm. After the power is turned on, when the mobile phone is close to the sensor, the clamping devices on both sides of the stand will automatically open. After the mobile phone is put on, the clamping device will open again. It will automatically shrink to fix the phone. Here, thanks to the deceleration Stepper motor inside.

By disassembling the car wireless charger, we can find that the motor that drives the bracket automatically retracts and looks very mini, which is a control component, also called a deceleration stepper motor. It is an applied miniature geared motor with the characteristics of low noise, long life, low power consumption, anti-interference and high temperature resistance. In order to better meet market demand, it is usually customized according to customer requirements. Motor voltage, speed, torque, gearbox reduction ratio, step angle, resistance, etc. are all customized according to customer application requirements.

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