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Maintex wishes all fathers in the world happy father's day


Today is the summer solstice, also Father`s Day, and it is a day of a solar eclipse. On this special day, all colleagues of Zhengde Intelligent Control wish you a happy weekend and wish all the fathers of the world a happy holiday!

Fatherly love is silent, if you feel it, then it is not fatherly love!

The father didn`t have the mother`s dings and shouts.

Always the one who said nothing,

A tree that shelters us from the wind and rain.

When facing my father,

Those words of love and gratitude cannot be easily spoken,

We will say "I love you" to my mother,

Facing his father, he was slow to speak, even on Father's Day.


When we grow up and have responsibilities on our shoulders,

I discovered my father,

No longer the old strong father,

It`s no longer the year of retirement, and my eyes are still bright,

The spirited father is gone.

Father is old, he is completely old,

Life turned him into an old man completely.

But the old man still misses the children all day long.

Fatherhood is a stepping stone in fear;

When it is dark, fatherly love is a lighted lamp;

When depleted, fatherly love is a water of life;

When working hard, fatherly love is the spiritual pillar;

When successful, fatherly love is an encouragement and alarm.

Fathers are always like this, although they can`t be like mothers

Often stay with the children, but at the critical moment,

He will all appear, prop up a blue sky for us.

Fatherly love is speechless and deep,

Maybe you never said the thanks in your heart,

But the memory about it is as clear as ever.

Hand in hand when just learning to walk

Childish games I played with as a kid

Umbrella I gave you in the rain when I was at school

The complicated mood of seeing you happy when you marry

Caring for you all the time at home


640.webp (1).jpg

Slowly, we are growing up,

But there are more wrinkles on his face,

One day, we will understand,

Once the serious face in your eyes,

Once the harsh discipline in your eyes,

Have become the deepest love in the years.

One day, we will understand,

in this world,

Love the person you love the most, but don`t express it,

That's dad!

Father, these two solemn words,

Interpret all the sentiments in the world,

He used a solid arm,

Supported the hardships in life,

He used rough hands,

Smoothing the vicissitudes of time,

With a strong heart, he

Created a warm home.

Even if you walk through thousands of mountains and rivers,

Don`t forget to look back,

Actually, Dad is always by his side,

Silently give you the strength to move forward.


This Father's Day,

Please say to him "I love you, dad!"

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