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Product upgrade is the only way for enterprise development

Zhengde Intelligent Control has worked hard on product development and design and finally achieved results. Competition among peers is always unavoidable. How to compete? This is a problem faced by many companies. Is to fight a price war? Or despicable to find ways to knock down the opponent? Or mutual help and win-win? In the face of cruel market competition, Zhengde Intelligent Control starts from the fundamentals, carries out technological innovation, product upgrades, and introduces advanced foreign management concepts and technologies to produce high-end brushless motors, such as air purifier brushless motors and model brushless motors. Motors, energy-saving fans, brushless motors and Other Products. At the same time, strengthen regional customer service, take an innovative road suitable for the development of their own enterprises, and avoid falling into the vicious circle of price wars.
With the arrival of the epidemic, the companies most threatened are those engaged in price wars. At the beginning, they occupied the market by virtue of their price advantage and brought certain vitality to the development of the enterprise. However, one-sided emphasis on price advantages and not full consideration of long-term development will bring endless troubles to enterprise development. "People have no foresight, there must be immediate worries." In the low price stage, only thinking about how to defeat the opponent and how to occupy the market, but did not consider the future direction of the company.
Of course, there are many reasons for the price war. Some bosses are eager for quick success, eager to expand the scale of the enterprise, use low prices and large quantities as the direction of enterprise development, obtain certain profits in the early stage, and think that their methods are correct, and will never regret it along the way. Some companies are managers in charge. In order to get immediate results and win the goodwill of the bosses and subordinates, regardless of the long-term interests of the company, as long as the financial statements are profitable after taking office and the sales department produces performance, everything else does not matter; some companies are difficult to survive. Survive and are in helpless low-price selling.
Even for brand-name companies, if they don`t lower their prices, they will be regarded as abnormal by others, and it is difficult to gain a foothold in the market. In order to win orders from foreigners, even if the profit is close to zero, everyone rushes to sign the order. In the end, the foreigners were cheating, but they suffered the domestic employees. With the boss`s repeated reductions in wages, he can only fight for the quantity to ensure his own source of income.
When the epidemic came, many people thought about how to hide, how to die behind others, but did not consider the root cause. If our company does not fight a price war, if we would rather close the company than do sales at the expense of others, is the arrival of the epidemic crisis still so terrible?
In China, the proliferation of imitation products is an important reason for low prices. To do a good job in product patent applications, it should be mentioned on the agenda of the senior executives of the company. Of course, whether the social supervision mechanism is sound and whether the management is in place is a prerequisite for the company to go on track.
Doing a good job in product upgrades, making products diversified, and avoiding multiple production of the same product is also an important way to avoid price wars. There are too many processing companies in China, which has caused brand confusion in the market and counterfeit products are prevalent. Companies want to develop but do not have their own unique advantages. Finally, brand companies are reduced to the point of OEM for foreign brands. Without an independent national brand, even if some brands are already going international, the company itself lacks management experience and has weak viability. A little bit of trouble can make the company disappear. The time to establish a brand may be ten or twenty years, or even longer, and it takes only a few minutes or a few seconds to destroy a brand enterprise.
If a company wants to maintain long-term stability, it must get out of price misunderstandings and develop by improving product cost performance. In recent years, Zhengde Intelligent Control has focused on the world's cutting-edge technology, introduced advanced foreign technology, and sold its products all over the world. The "MAINTEX" brand has won the recognition and good reputation of more and more foreign friends.

Shenzhen Maintex Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.
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Company Address:Zhengde Science Park, No. 8, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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