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Technical principle and test method of high-speed dome camera

The structure and principle of high-speed dome camera
The high-speed dome camera is a highly integrated product that integrates the pan-tilt system, communication system, and camera system. The pan-tilt system refers to the driving part of the rotation, and the communication system refers to the control of the motor and the image and signal In the processing part, the camera system refers to the all-in-one movement. Between several major systems, the main control core CPU and power supply are connected horizontally. The power supply part is powered by the major systems. In many places, diodes, triodes and other micro-current power supply are used, and the core CPU is the basis for the normal operation of all functions.
The principle of the high-speed dome camera is roughly what is mentioned above, and specifically, the high-speed dome camera adopts "precision differential high-speed dome camera stepping motor" to realize the fast and accurate positioning and rotation of the high-speed dome. All of this is achieved through instructions issued by the CPU. Then write the image of the camera and the functions of the camera into the CPU of the high-speed dome. When controlling the PTZ, the image can be transmitted, and many functions of the camera, such as white balance, shutter, aperture, zoom, and focus, can be transferred. And other functions can be controlled at the same time.

General high-speed dome cameras are divided into the center part, the shell part and the accessories part. Any manufacturer`s high-speed dome has a sphere center part that uses a frame to unify the package all-in-one machine core, control decoding motherboard and motor pan/tilt system, and then the sphere center part and the shell are connected with screws or other methods. The center of the sphere is the core part, and the shell generally has a variety of appearances, such as the appearance of Pelco, the appearance of Panasonic, and the appearance of its own design. The shell is generally made of aluminum alloy, but also plastic. Aluminum alloy is generally divided into two kinds of shells: casting and stamping. Aluminum alloy is better than plastic, and stamping is better than casting. The lower shell is a transparent cover. The transparent cover must be an optically transparent cover to ensure that the light transmission rate and image are not deformed. At the same time, anti-aging, anti-vandalism, dust-proof and other issues must be considered. The accessory part generally includes a bracket part, a heater part, and a fan heating part. Brackets include wall mount brackets, boom brackets, surface mount ceilings, and embedded ceilings. No brackets are required. Generally, outdoor balls are equipped with fan heating devices, while heating devices are only optional in severe cold areas. Indoor high-speed dome cameras In principle, there is no heat dissipation and heating part. Accessories also include a power supply, which is generally powered by a 24 volt 2 to 3 ampere transformer.
The high-speed dome camera has several main hardware components, first, then the slip ring, then the power supply and the control board. The driving belt is also very important.
The communication problem of the high-speed dome camera is also related to the communication protocol and communication method. The communication protocol refers to the communication protocol selected when the high-speed dome camera communicates with the host system, such as pelco, Manchester code, Panasonic, Phillips, etc. The communication method refers to the communication method used by these communication protocols, such as 485 communication method, 232 communication method, 422 communication method, and coaxial video control communication method. Generally speaking, high-speed dome adopts 485 communication method, and each communication protocol Different manufacturers.

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