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HomeNewsThank you for your kindness, MAINTEX wishes you a happy Teacher's Day!

Thank you for your kindness, MAINTEX wishes you a happy Teacher's Day!

In September, when the school was busy, I had already left the school. Back then, I was able to find a direction in life by setting an example as a teacher. Now Yang Fan is on a voyage and he is grateful and loving. Teacher, you have worked hard, I wish you good health and happy Teacher's Day!

"Lvyetang opened up the Wuhua,
Passers-by pointed to Ling Gong's house.
Make the peaches and plums all over the world,
Why use more flowers in front of the hall. "
The teacher is like a spring in the mountains
Run everything silently;
Return to the sea and never dry up.
A thousand years of history of a great country,
The loyal teacher keeps ten thousand volumes.
Today, people also have good teachers,
Draw a glorious China map again.

Write a letterhead to the blackboard with chalk
Like a spring silkworm nibbles a quiet poem
Your appearance on the podium for many years
Contracted the most beautiful picture in my memory
Boring and jerky text
He was given alive life in the eloquent explanation
Difficult and difficult questions
Was overcome and resolved one by one in the gentle and patient answers

When the whole city fell into the silence of night
Only the windows of your office are still brightly lit
Stacks of heavy lesson preparation materials
Carrying the responsibility and mission of Lide Shuren
Busy student work
Working overtime for scientific research in the middle of the night
Two-day teaching task
The "easyness" we imagined
Has nothing to do with your life
You have never complained or regretted
Be willing to guide students' dreams

For teachers who are with the classroom
There is nothing more demanding than "teaching, preaching, solving puzzles"
It's not an extravagance to make a saint
I just hope this insatiable teaching
Can bring a warm heart to society
Take the initiative to shoulder the identity of the parent
Take care of every student who leaves home to study
Care and concern
Let the students feel the warmth and sweetness of home

A piece of chalk, two sleeves
Three-foot podium, four seasons
Preaching and teaching, keep improving
The way you were in class
Dear, cute, respectable

Delve into the classroom
But true academics never stop here
Explore the micro world and experience everything in the world
You lead us step by step to a new field

I want to use a blackboard eraser to remove the wrinkles around your eyes
I want to trace your upright youth with chalk
I want to give you a light kiss from the lamp before the case late at night
All thanks and best wishes are gathered in the pen
Translated into a sentence, "Teacher, you have worked hard!"

Shenzhen Maintex Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.
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Company Address:Zhengde Science Park, No. 8, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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