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The effect of high temperature on stepper motor


Excessive temperature has many negative effects on the Stepper Motor. In the case of overload operation, the Stepper motor will generate a lot of heat, which is easy to cause problems such as damage to the stepper motor.

Excessive temperature will first demagnetize the magnetic material of the motor, resulting in a decrease in torque and even loss of step. Therefore, the maximum temperature allowed on the motor surface should depend on the demagnetization point of different motor magnetic materials; generally speaking, a qualified stepper motor magnetic The demagnetization point of the material is above 130 degrees Celsius, so the external temperature of the stepper motor is completely normal at 80-90 degrees Celsius.

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The surface temperature of the stepper motor can be controlled to reach a balance. The temperature of the stepper motor is often high voltage and high current, because users need high speed and high torque. For example, the surface temperature of a three-phase stepper motor often reaches 95 degrees or more. , Increasing voltage and current can increase the speed and torque. Although the heating of the stepper motor does not cause damage to the stepper motor, it will also cause temporary demagnetization after the temperature is too high.
Working under long-term high temperature conditions will also cause permanent magnetic attenuation and coil aging. This is the main reason why some stepping motors have insufficient torque after more than a year.

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