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The important role of the motor core in the motor

Motor core, the English corresponding name: Motor Core, as the core component of the motor, the iron core is a non-professional term for the electrician profession, and the iron core is also the magnetic core.

The iron core (magnetic core) plays an insignificant role in the entire motor. It is used to add the magnetic flux of the inductance coil to achieve the maximum transformation of electromagnetic power. The iron core of a motor is generally composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator is generally used as a non-rolling part, and the rotor is generally embedded in the inner position of the stator.

The application scale of motor cores is very wide. Geared motors, outer rotor motors, stepper motors, shaded pole motors, AC and DC motors, synchronous asynchronous motors, etc. are all widely used. Regarding the product motor, the motor iron core plays a key role in the motor accessories. If you want to improve the overall function of a motor, you need to improve the function of the motor core. Generally, this function can be used to improve the raw material of the core punch, adjust the permeability of the raw material, and control the size of the iron loss. deal with.

With the continuous development of motor manufacturing technology, modern stamping skills are used in the production of motor cores. Now more and more motor manufacturers have accepted them, and the processing methods for motor cores have become more and more advanced. In foreign countries, most advanced motor manufacturers use modern stamping skills to punch iron core parts. In China, the processing method of punching iron core parts with modern stamping skills is being further developed, and this high-tech production skill is becoming more and more sophisticated. In the motor manufacturing industry, the advantages of this motor manufacturing technology have been used by many motor manufacturers. Pay attention. The use of modern stamping skills to punch iron core parts is compared with the original iron core parts punched by ordinary molds and equipment. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high dimensional accuracy, and long service life of molds. It is suitable for punching. Mass production of pieces. Since the multi-station progressive die is a punching process that integrates many processing techniques on a pair of molds, the manufacturing process of the motor is reduced, and the production efficiency of the motor is improved.

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