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Three methods to detect the quality of brushless motors


Many friends who are in contact with brushless motors for the first time do not know how to detect whether the Brushless Motor can be used normally. During the installation experiment or test, it is necessary to confirm whether it is a good motor. Let me share with you a few inspections of brushless motors. Bad way.

How to quickly detect the quality of brushless motors?

Method 1: Short-circuit the 3 wires and twist the rotor of the motor. It is a good motor if it feels more laborious than before the short-circuit and there is no obvious one. If you feel that it is difficult to twist after the short-circuit, but there are obvious one-by-one Resistance, it can be determined that one phase of the motor is missing phase. If measured with a multimeter, the resistance between the three coil wires is equal and the maximum resistance meter is used to measure the main line and the shell is not connected to the motor.

Method Two:

1. Use a multimeter to measure whether the three phases AB, AC and BC are all connected.

2. Connect AB, AC, and BC to the oscilloscope respectively, and turn the brushless by hand to see if there is any output waveform similar to sine.

3. If there is a Hall motor, supply 5V DC to the Hall, turn the motor by hand, and check whether the output waveform is correct.

Method 3: Do not power on, separate the motor wires, rotate the motor manually, there is no resistance, use a multimeter to measure the resistance between any two phases should be consistent, use the diode file of the digital multimeter, connect the red pen to the red wire of the Hall, and measure the three separately The resistance of each signal line is basically the same. The above inspection basically confirms that the Brushless motor and Hall are good.

Through the above several brushless motor detection methods, you should quickly know the quality of the motor.

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