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Three vital parts of stepper motor

Stepping motors can play a role in practical applications are realized by its components, and the three components that play the greatest role are the rotor, the iron core, and the stator. These three components cooperate and coordinate to complete the relevant functions of the motor. .

1, rotor
There are two types of rotors, salient pole type and hidden pole type. The salient pole type air gap is not uniform, while the core of the hidden pole type rotor is forged from a single piece of steel. The surface is round and the air gap More uniform.

2.Iron core
The iron core is also one of the very important components of the Zhengde stepping motor. It is made of silicon steel sheets. When the motor runs stably, the main magnetic flux in the iron core in the rotor remains unchanged, so that no magnetic flux will be caused. Hysteresis losses and eddy currents.

3, stator
The stator is one of the very important structural components of a Stepper Motor, and its structure and winding form are basically similar to those of induction motors.

The above content introduces several important components in the Stepper motor, and more maintenance is required when it is applied to ensure its long-term use and good use effect.

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