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What are the types of toy motors?

Toy motors are generally divided into five categories: brushless motors, brush motors, stepper motors, gear motors and coreless motors.

Brushless motors are relatively expensive, so cheaper toys generally do not use brushless motors. In addition, brushless motors also have an essential feature, that is, they must have an electronic circuit board, that is, a chip, so everyone sees a motor with a chip. Generally brushless motors.

Brush motors are the most common and inexpensive. Generally, cheaper toys use brush motors. Brush motors also have an essential feature, that is, there are two brush contacts on its back cover. A brush contact is used to conduct electricity for the brushed motor.

The most direct feature of a Stepper Motor is that it rotates one after another, which is not continuous, so everyone sees that a motor that rotates after one meal is a Stepper motor.

Geared motors generally rotate slowly and rotate continuously. Everyone sees toy motors that turn slowly and coherently. Generally, geared motors are divided into brushed geared motors, brushless geared motors, and coreless geared motors.

The coreless motor has neither a rear cover with brush contacts nor an electronic circuit board, and the rotation is continuous, so it is easier for everyone to identify.

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