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What kind of motor does the household kitchen waste disposer use?

With the implementation of the strictest garbage sorting policy in history, domestic kitchen appliances, which have been relatively unpopular in China, began to sell well. Kitchen waste disposers can not only deal with the troubles caused by garbage classification, but also reduce the odor and bacterial growth caused by the accumulation of kitchen waste. It also makes it easy and simple to clean up wet garbage during the garbage classification process, which is definitely to improve the happiness of life A sense of good quality.

What kind of motor does the kitchen waste disposer use

Kitchen waste disposer is a cleaning appliance that grinds and crushes food residues to powder or small particles by high-speed driving grinding parts and naturally discharges them into the drain with water. Therefore, the motor is the core component of the kitchen waste disposer. There are two types of kitchen waste disposer motors: DC motors and AC motors. The starting torque of AC motors is relatively small, so if you put harder bones in, you may get stuck. In addition, AC motors are more expensive. Therefore, we recommend using DC motors as the driving motors for kitchen waste disposers.

The use of DC motors in kitchen waste disposers has the following advantages:

1. When the load of the Dc motor increases, that is, when the resistance torque on the armature shaft increases, the motor speed decreases, and the back electromotive force generated decreases. When the applied voltage is constant, the electromagnetic torque increases until the electromagnetic torque When it is increased to balance with the resistance torque, the motor will perform balanced operation at a suitable low speed under a larger load; on the contrary, the motor can run smoothly at a corresponding high speed under a light load. Therefore, when the load of the DC motor of the garbage disposer changes, the armature current, speed, and torque will be automatically adjusted to meet the needs of driving different loads. This is also the principle of automatic torque balance of the DC motor;

2. The DC motor has a relatively simple structure and reliable performance;

3. The start-up current of the DC motor of the waste disposer is small, and the start-up and operation current fluctuation is small;

4. The DC motor has a high speed and stable operation. The speed has nothing to do with frequency and voltage. At present, the speed setting of DC motor of food processor at home and abroad is generally 3500-4500 rpm. The speed is directly related to noise and service life. Each brand has different settings according to their product positioning. You can also set the speed, torque and other parameters according to requirements. .

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