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Shenzhen Maintex Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.

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About Us
Shenzhen Maintex Intelligent Control Co Ltd owns existing factory more than 26 thousand square meters net assets over billions of dollars nearly a thousand employees and over 30 production lines with the annual output of more than 35 million units The product of Maintex covering over twenty countries and regions around the world and has been widely praised by customers MAINTEX s main products are precision permanent magnet stepper motor permanent magnet DC motor brushless motor precision gear motor rotary transformer and other micro motor products as well as the treadmill motor control system train model electric pump and electromechanical integration products These products are widely used...

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Gear Motor

Stepper Motor

Brushless Motor

Carbon Brush Motor

Other Products

Micro Stepper Motor

24mm diameter 12 voltage 5.625 degree cctv camera 

12V Micro Stepper Motor| Micro Linear Stepper Motor 

2 Phase DC Stepper Motor| Micro Stepper Motor 

12V Micro Stepper Motor| Micro Stepping Stepper Motor 

Motor with Gear Reduction| Micro Linear Stepper Motor 

High Torque Stepper Motor | Micro Stepper Motor 

35BYJ46-071 Reduction Stepper Motor - MAINTEX 

Stepper Motor, 24BYJ28 5V Geared Reducer Stepper Motor, Small Motor Stepper Motor Mirco Customizable 

10mm Stepper Motor, POS Machine Printer Stepper Motor, 5V 12V Micro Stepper Motor with Gear Customizable 

Stepper Motor Price, Stepper Motor for Printer, 22 Exciting Method Stepper Motor Customizable 

Step Motor, Gear Head Stepper Motors, 20mm Micro Stepper Motor Customizable 

5V Stepper Motor, 5V Mini Gear Stepper Motor, Custom Stepper Motor Customizable 

20BYJ46 Stepping Motor, DC 24V Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor for Smart Phone and IP Camera Customizable 

Maintex 24BYJ Stepper Motor, 12V Micro Stepper Motor, 24BYJ28 Stepper Motor Customizable 

3D Printer Stepper Motor, Micro PM Stepper Motor for Electronic Scale and Printer, 10BY15 Micro Stepper Motor Customizable 

15mm Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor for Mini 3D Printer, Stepper Motor with Wire and Connector Customizable 

18 Degree Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor 15BY25200 for Thermal Printer and Bank Device, 5V 15mm Micro PM Stepper Motor Customizable 

Micro Stepper Motor 8mm, 5V Camera Stepper Motor, PM Stepper Motor for Electronic Device Customizable 

Stepper Motor 12V, 5V Mini Stepper Motor, Wholesale Products China Micro DC Stepper Motor Customizable 

Micro Linear Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor Generator, PM Stepper Motor 5Vdc Customizable 

Brushless DC Motor

BLDC Motor, 12V DC Motor 1000rpm & Brushless DC Motor 12 Volt Customizable 

Brushless Motor, 12V DC Brushless Gear Motor & Brushless Motor with Controller Customizable 

Brushless DC Motor, 500 rpm Electric Motor & Brushless Motor with Gear Customizable 

48V Brushless DC Motor, Brushless DC Motor Price & Micro Brushless Motors Customizable 

DC Brushless Motor, 12V DC Motor 100 rpm & Brushless Motor 800W Customizable 

Brushless DC Motor 24V, 750W BLDC Motor & Brushless Motor 200W Customizable 

24V Brushless Motor, BLDC Motor Price & Electric Brushless Motor 36V 350W Customizable 

Motor Brushless, High Torque Brushless DC Motor & Brushless Motor 12V Customizable 

Outrunner Brushless Motor, 30000rpm High rpm Brushless Motor & Motor Brushless 36V Customizable 

24mm Brushless Motor, BLDC Motor 250W & DC Brushless Customizable 

60V Brushless DC Motor, Outrunner Brushless DC Motor & Blender Motor Brushless Customizable 

Brushless DC Motor Price, Waterproof BLDC Motor & Brushless 5V DC Motors Customizable 

BLDC Motor 750W, 12V Fan BLDC Motor & Brushless Motor for Electric Scooter Customizable 

12V Brushless Motor, BLDC Motor 12V & Brushless DC Motor 1000W Customizable 

Motor BLDC Motor, BLDC Usb Fan & 24 Volt DC Brushless Motor Customizable 

12V Brushless DC Motor, BLDC Hub Motor & Brushless Electric Motor 48V 3000W Customizable 

5KW Brushless DC Motor, BLDC Motor 24VDC for Pumps & 1100 Watt Brushless DC Motors Customizable 

1Hp Brushless DC Motor, 750W BLDC 5000rpm & 6V Brushless DC Motor Customizable 

High Torque Brushless Motor, 48V Brushless DC Motor 750 Wat & 15W 3000rpm Brushless Motor Customizable 

250rpm DC Motor Brushless, Brushless Worm Motor & High Speed DC Brushless Motors Customizable 

Brushless DC Electric Motor

24V DC Brushless Motors, 48V Brushless DC Motor & Brushless Motor Small Customizable 

Motor Brushless DC Motor, 12V Brushless DC Motor & 250W Brushless DC Motor Customizable 

DC Motor Brushless, 48V 1000W Brushless DC Motor & DC Brushless Fan Motor 12V Customizable 

BLDC, 24V Brushless DC Motor & DC Brushless Motor High Torque Customizable 

24V Brushless DC Motor, 1KW Brushless DC Motor & DC Motor 24V Brushless Customizable 

High Torque Brushless DC Motor, Brushless Motor for Golf Cart & Brushless 24mm Customizable 

Brushless Motor Price, Brushless Motor 1KW & Big Brushless Motor Customizable 

Brushless 24V DC Motors, 500W Brushless DC Motor & Brushless DC Motor 60000rpm Customizable 

Motor BLDC, 1000W BLDC Motor & 37VDC DC Fan Brushless Customizable 

BLDC Motor Price, 400Nm Electric Motor & Moteurs Brushless Customizable 

BLDC Fan Motor, Brushless Washing Machine Motor & Brushless DC Gear Motor 12mm Customizable 

BLDC Motor Control, Brushless DC Motor 36V & Outrunner Motor Brushless Customizable 

Brushless DC Motor High Torque, DC Brushless Fan Motor 12V & Brushless DC Motor 50W Customizable 

Brushless DC Motor 48V, Large Brushless DC Motors & Brushless Motor 3000W Customizable 

37V Brushless Motor, 250W Brushless DC Motor & Brushless Motor for Lawn Mower Customizable 

Electric Brushless Motor, BLDC Motor 250W & Gearbox Brushless Motor Customizable 

12V BLDC Fan Motor, 36V 6000rpm Brushless Heavy Duty & 80W Brushless DC Motor Customizable 

24V BLDC Motor, 800W Brushless DC Servo Motor for Sewing Machine & 12 V DC Brushless Motor Outer Rotor Customizable 

Low rpm Brushless DC Motor, Brushless 12V & 1100 Watt 48 Volt Brushless DC Motors Customizable 

750W BLDC Motor, Motor 24V 250W Brushless DC & Brushless Motor 24mm Customizable 

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